Safety is important to ACC. We want to offer the safest work environment possible for our employees, clients and customers. We adhere to all OSHA regulations and are OSHA 30 complaint. In an effort to maintain safety standards, ACC offers weekly training sessions with our staff. This helps us stay on top of the latest changes to guidelines. We are a big promoter of motor vehicle safety. We engage our insurance carrier to implement safe driving education for all our employees. Accelerated Communications and Construction also partners up with its vendor companies for additional training on specialized tools.

ACC is also involved with the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). This is a premier organization formed by technical cable telecommunications professionals. The members of SCTE are offered technical training courses and certifications. This helps not only the company grow, but also helps our employees learn and grow too. We encourage our employees to become members. Justin is an acting board member of the Gulf Coast Chapter.

One of the certifications offered through SCTE is the Broadband Premises Technician or BPT. This certification is available to those who will install and troubleshoot telecommunications services on customer sites. We have technicians that are BPT Certified. These technicians have the knowledge to install and service most installations. The information and knowledge they gain from being involved with SCTE helps to improve the quality of work provided, keeps them on the up and up with advancing technology, and helps them have an edge in diversifying the industry!

Quality Control:

ACC was built with the premise of providing services that can be held to the highest standards of safety and quality. Quality Control is a key part of why ACC is so successful. The quality of work produced is very important to us. We make sure our technicians and other professionals that work with our business have a clear understanding of this. Customer and client satisfaction is key.

Every job is logged into our systems, where it can be seen through completion from start to finish. In order to maintain a high level of standards, our field supervisors complete daily job inspections. They will go out into the field and inspect jobs in their entirety to make sure they were done properly and within MSO standards. Our online system allows management the ability to view inspections through out all departments.