Services Offered:

Underground/Aerial Construction: Our diverse teams are equipped to handle brownfield and greenfield construction projects. We provide the necessary tools and training to get the job done right the first time.

Directional Boring: We use techniques that are friendly to our environment, along with modern rigs and equipment to bore paths for utilities including cable, fiber optic, water, sewer, and gas lines.

• Cable, Internet, and Phone
• Low Voltage Wiring for Schools, Hotels, Apartment Complexes, and Condominiums
• Custom Rewiring
• MDU and Single Family Homes Installations (Pre and Post Wiring)
• Drop Buries
• Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

• Commercial Install Services
• CAT 5 and 6 Installations
• Fiber to Business
• WiFi Systems
• WiFi in MDU
• WiFi Hospitality Installs

• Pre-Wire and Post- Wire installs (apartments, condos, hotels, and commercial business)
• External Molding
• Upgrades/Rebuilds
• Splicing
• Conduit Placement for Fiber and Coax Runs Throughout the Building
• MDU Design

Audit and Sales:
• Collections
• Trap/Tap Audits
• Disconnects

Plant Maintenance and Construction:
• Make Ready (Utility Poles)
• Surveys and Permitting
• Power Supplies Placement/Removal and Upgrades
• Stranding
• Lashing and Over Lashing of Coax and Fiber Optic Cable
• Coax Cabling
• Install Taps, Nodes, and Amps
• Splicing
• Sweeping and Balance
• Underground Construction
• Directional Boring
• Design (MDU and Plant)
• Commercial Walkouts
• Plant Extensions